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May 2010 - Sep 2017
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Wed, Mar 01, 2017
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1 hr 1 mins 49 secs
After the plague... the Lord spake...Not a man..save Caleb and Joshua. Chapter 27 - Laws of Inheritance. Moses office passes to Joshua, in whom is the (Holy) spirit.
Wed, Feb 22, 2017
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1 hr 36 mins 57 secs
Balaam saw (perceived)...and he took up his parable. "I cannot go beyond the commandment of the Lord... WHAT THE LORD SAITH, THAT WILL I SPEAK".
Wed, Feb 15, 2017
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1 hr 41 mins 39 secs
God's anger kindled against Balaam. The Donkey saw the Angle with sword drawn...the donkey speaks. And the Lord put a word in Balaam's mouth...God is not a man that he should lie.
Wed, Feb 08, 2017
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1 hr 40 mins 50 secs
Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness. Represents the compromised carnal christian. Gods imperative...thou shalt not curse the people for the are blessed.
Wed, Feb 01, 2017
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1 hr 2 mins 31 secs
Moses fails and moves on with God. Aaron to Eleazar, Transfer of Priestly Office and power. Firey serpents, because they had spoken against the Lord.
Wed, Jan 25, 2017
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1 hr 5 mins 49 secs
The influence you have on your children. Teach the children...do not make your mistakes. Teach the how to pray.
Wed, Jan 04, 2017
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1 hr 2 mins 29 secs
And the Lord spake...The Red Heifer offered for a sacrifice of Purification.
Wed, Dec 28, 2016
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1 hr 57 mins 16 secs
A Path to forgiveness (the Priesthood). Support for the priests. And the Lord spake unto Aaron...a portion of the offering for the priesthood. Of the Tithe which I have given you, you shall give a tenth part.
Wed, Dec 21, 2016
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1 hr 33 mins 47 secs
It is not enough just to be the people of God. And God spake unto Moses...The Man whom I shall choose.
Wed, Dec 14, 2016
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1 hr 5 mins 31 secs
The Lord spake unto Moses...Burnt Offering, Drink Offering, Grain Offering...All shall do these things. They that do these thing shall be forgiven.

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