Sunday Bible Studies

Jun 2010 - Nov 2017
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Sun, Apr 10, 2016
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1 hr 2 mins 46 secs
The Beast was taken...and the False Prophet, and both were cast alive into a lake of fire. Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection... They shall be priests of God and of Christ.
Sun, Mar 20, 2016
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50 mins 32 secs
Another Angle...Babylon is fallen, is fallen. God remembers her iniquities, her great riches have come to nought, and shall be found no more at all.
Sun, Mar 06, 2016
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59 mins 14 secs
The Judgement of the nations that martyred the saints. Here is the mind which hath wisdom... to figure who shall make war with he Lamb... until the words of God shall be fulfilled.
Sun, Feb 21, 2016
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1 hr 55 mins 27 secs
Seven Golden Vials full of the Wrath of God. The seven last plagues. Then in 16 Thy judgements are True and Righteous.
Sun, Feb 14, 2016
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1 hr 47 mins 33 secs
Introduction to the Anti-Christ. Another Beast ( the False Prophet ) gives life to the Image of the Beast. To cause all to receive the mark of the Beast. The Lamb and the 144,000, followed by four Angels
Sun, Feb 07, 2016
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1 hr 12 mins 6 secs
The woman ( Israel ), The Red Dragon, The Man child ( the Christ), Michael and his angles.
Sun, Jan 31, 2016
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1 hr 43 mins 48 secs
Given a rod to measure the Temple. Power to two witnesses to prophecy. The second woe is past the third woe is coming.
Sun, Jan 24, 2016
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1 hr 56 mins 8 secs
A Mighty Angle, clothed with a cloud, rainbow on his head, Face as the sun, Feet as pillars of fire, with a little book open in his hand.
Sun, Jan 17, 2016
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1 hr 44 mins 23 secs
Trumpet Judgements, 4 Angles sounded, a pause then 3 more Angles sounded. Ecological Upheaval, Astrological Upheaval. Men repented not of the works of their hands.

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