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Sun, Oct 01, 2017
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1 hr 4 mins 35 secs
Are you the "King of the Jews"? Choose Barabas or Jesus. "THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS". Jesus burial.
Wed, Sep 27, 2017
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1 hr 56 mins 25 secs
Reminder of the Tithe and support for the priests. Promise of a prophet, the first to be Samuel, to speak the words of God.
Sun, Sep 24, 2017
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1 hr 53 mins 54 secs
Peter's Denial. Judas' repentance.
Wed, Sep 20, 2017
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1 hr 58 mins 47 secs
God has ordained civil government. Bring only your best before the Lord. Do as the law requires. Instructions to a king.
Sun, Sep 17, 2017
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1 hr 4 mins 15 secs
Good Friday? Watch and Pray that ye enter not into temptation. Behold the hour is at hand, The kiss of betrayal.
Wed, Sep 13, 2017
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1 hr 57 mins 51 secs
A warning against greed. The poor shall never cease out of the land. 7 years to freedom, 49 years to Jubilee. "And the Lord thy God shall bless thee in all that thou doest". Ch 16 - Required feasts... unleavened bread, weeks, and Tabernacles.
Sun, Sep 10, 2017
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1 hr 5 mins 32 secs
Planned betrayal. The last supper. The betrayer exposed. Jesus foretells of Peters denial.
Wed, Sep 06, 2017
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1 hr 2 mins 58 secs
Be separate...Be a people, set aside to God. Truly tithe all the increase...that God may bless thee in all the work of thy hand. Ch 15: God has a fix for the economy.
Sun, Sep 03, 2017
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1 hr 52 mins 41 secs
Sheep divided from the goats. Judgement seats of God. Ch 26...The plot to take Jesus. Jesus anointed at the supper.
Wed, Aug 30, 2017
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1 hr 52 mins 4 secs
Warnings: for the Lord your God proveth you. Have nothing to do with false teaching. and the Lord shew mercy and multiply thee.

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